School Tours & Classes


Working on the Railroad “A”

Recommended for Preschool-Grade 3
(Ages 4-8) • 90 Minutes

During this tour, through hands-on interaction and role-play, students will explore some basic railroad jobs.  Students will visit the passenger depot and get their train tickets, build a section of track, shovel coal into a locomotive’s firebox, and board a passenger coach, where they will get their tickets punched and imagine riding a train from long ago.


Working on the Railroad “B”

Recommended for Grades 4-5
(Ages 9-10) • 90 Minutes

During this tour, through hands-on interaction and role-play, students will explore some basic railroad jobs.  Students will sort mail as railway postal clerks, inspect trains as freight conductors, use flag signals as brakemen, and load and unload baggage from an authentic wooden passenger train as baggage handlers.


Trailways, Railways & Roadways

Recommended for Grades 6-8
(Ages 11-13) • 60-90 minutes

During this class, students will use vintage maps, photos and primary sources to explore the trials and tribulations of travel between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh during several time periods.  They will employ critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to compare and contrast how the technology of travel and the experiences of travelers have evolved over two centuries.  Primary sources, historic images, and artifacts from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania’s collections provide the context for this informative program.


Parade of Power Tour

Recommended for Grades 9-12
(Ages 14-18) • 60 minutes

During this guided walking tour, students will explore the evolution of locomotion, from the humble beginnings of steam locomotion in the early 19th century through the diesel-electric and electric trains of yesterday and today.  At the same time, they will learn about the people who used that technology and what it was like to work on the railroad.  Several historically significant locomotives and rail cars from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania’s collections will be featured during this tour, and students will have an opportunity to climb aboard several of them.

To schedule a program, please contact:
· Troy Grubb, Museum Educator, (717) 687-8628, ext 3022,
· Juliette O’Connor, Museum Educator, (717) 687-8628, ext 3025,

When You Call:
· Preferred date of your visit, as well as 2 to 3 alternate dates.
· Number of students and chaperones (be aware of our group size limits for each program you choose).
· Age or grade level and any special needs of students.
· Time of arrival.
· Length of time allowed for your visit.
· Program(s) of choice.
· Do you have reservations to ride on the Strasburg Rail Road? Have you scheduled visits with other area attractions? If so, please let us know when you must depart the Museum.

· Prices in this guide are subject to change.
· A minimum of 10 paying visitors is required to qualify for group discounts. (Groups may be combined.)
· Museum membership does not apply to group education programs.
· We require at least one adult chaperone for every ten students at all times.
· Every effort is made to adhere to the schedule, so please arrive on time. If your group is more than 30 minutes late, we reserve the right to cancel the program, offering a self-guided option instead.
· Leave enough time for restroom breaks, as well as visits to the Whistle Stop Shop, our museum store.
· Reservations cannot be made on days when the Museum is closed. See “Hours of Operation” for details.

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