Railroaders’ Hall

Railroaders’ Hall provides an enduring recognition for the people who serve, and have served, on America’s railroads. A permanent, major exhibit within the Museum’s Rolling Stock Hall, Railroaders’ Hall displays for posterity the names of thousands of current, retired and deceased railroad employees.

A handsome brass plaque in Railroaders’ Hall is a meaningful and unique way to pay lasting tribute to a family member, loved one, friend or colleague who served, or is serving, in America’s railroad industry. Plaques contain the name, occupation, service record and railroad affiliation of the railroader. The railroad employee’s name also will be recognized on the Museum’s website honor roll, which is updated twice annually.

Railroader’s Hall plaques are available for a tax deductible contribution of $100 or more, which may be made payable over a three tax-year period, if so desired. You will receive an acknowledgement of your participation in Railroaders’ Hall. You may also choose to have the recipient, or the family of the recipient, receive an acknowledgement.

Proceeds from Railroaders’ Hall benefit the nonprofit Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.


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Railroaders’ Hall Honorees