A new Brakeman interactive in “Trainworks.”

New Exhibits!

You may have noticed some new features in the main lobby and in the entrance to Rolling Stock Hall, including two beautiful wall murals, one of Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal and one of the waiting room of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western’s Scranton station. You may have also seen some new exhibits in various locations throughout Rolling Stock Hall. You may have also walked over new crossover platforms over our tracks in Rolling Stock Hall. These are just some of the new exhibits and enhancements to our indoor spaces.


Rolling Stock Hall West features three new exhibits: “All Aboard!” (Pullman Lotos Club), “Abundant Goods” (Refrigerator Car) and “Progress Matters” (Inspection Pit).

A new and improved Diesel Simulator on Platform Five East is up and running.

We have new interpretive labels, or Train IDs, for each of our locomotives and rail cars in Rolling Stock Hall. Ten of them have touchscreen monitors with virtual tours, with closed-captioning, improving accessibility to our trains.

A fourth new exhibit area in Rolling Stock Hall West allows us to show off large collections of particular items, like bells, headlights, lanterns and builder’s plates.

Rolling Stock Hall East features three new exhibits: “Working on the Rails” (Platform Four East), “Innovation Giants” (Platform Two East) and “Transforming the Landscape” (Platform Five East).

Railroad Junction: Steinman Station, the Street Scene and Stewart Junction have received some upgraded signage, props and exhibits.

Trainworks, our newest hands-on exhibit area, is essentially “Railroading 101.” Here, visitors can learn about the basics of railroading through various interactive displays.

Finally, we have a brand-new Orientation Film in Steinman Station, which is also available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

CLICK on any of the images below to view a Photo Gallery showcasing some of our newest exhibits and other views of the Museum.  Enjoy!