Additional Learning Fun for Home and Classroom!

Download and Try It! This page is filled with coloring sheets, craft ideas,  and other activities that can be downloaded and tried at home or in the classroom.  Over time, we will add more activities, so please check back often!

For starters, click on and download one of our locomotive-themed Coloring Pages below:

Electric Locomotive No. 915

Steam Locomotive No. 460

Steam Locomotive No. 3750

Electric Locomotive No. 4800

Electric Locomotive No. 4935

Shop Switcher No. 1251

Diesel Locomotive No. 5901

Steam Locomotive No. 3750 #2

John Bull Locomotive — NEW!

John Stevens “Steam Waggon” — NEW!

Mail on the Fly!

How to Make a Postal Clerk Mailbag at Home!

The hauling and sorting of mail by rail dates back to the 1830s and the beginnings of the railroads themselves.  Follow these instructions, and you will have your own mailbag in no time.  Then bring it with you the next time you visit the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.  Make sure to visit the Museum’s own Pennsylvania Railroad Railway Post Office Car No. 5403 on Platform 5 East!

Click on each photo in the gallery to complete the activity:

Train Mazes & Puzzles!

Download and print out one of our activity pages below:

Locomotive No. 1223 Maze

Locomotive No. 1223 Maze Answer Key

Diesel Locomotive Maze

Diesel Locomotive Maze Answer Key