Starting in the Museum’s early days as an endeavor by volunteers to save historic locomotives from deterioration, restoration has grown to a major program, combining the Museum’s two paid staff and extensive volunteer effort.

Now housed in a specially-constructed restoration shop, the program is supported by equipment and ancillary facilities. Workers bring a wide range of skills, including but not limited to metal working, woodworking, welding, painting and electrical. Characterized as a focused but enjoyable effort, the team has successfully undertaken a series of major projects.

Emphasis is placed on restoring equipment to designated standards of appearance and material, balancing cosmetic authenticity with practicality in an era when the infrastructure that originally built this equipment no longer exists.

Non-rolling stock improvements have included overseeing the construction of the new Museum entrance building, building of the housing of the historic Broad Street Station clock, creating an expanded Railroader’s Hall plaque display and the rebuilding of the outdoor yard trackage.

Restoration efforts have been supported by extensive fundraising by the Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, grants and other sources. Each project is carefully prioritized, planned, safely executed and accurately documented, and professional conservation standards are applied.

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Enjoy This Photo Gallery: “Grease, Grime, Rust & Dust!”

A look at some of the grimiest, filthiest jobs performed by our staff and volunteers.  

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Photos by Craig Benner, Allan Martin, Wayne Laepple, and Others, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, PHMC)