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Learn About this Famous Locomotive:
  Construction and Technical Features.  
  Record Setting Race that Gave it the Lindbergh Engine Designation.  
  How 460 Again Acted as a Champion in a South Jersey Challenge.  
Read about the Museum's professional locomotive restoration program. Here.
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No. 460 in Atlantic City.Restoring PRR No. 460
The Lindbergh Engine

Tthe Museum's Restoration Department is now applying its skills to No. 460. This wonderful engine requires very extensive work to cosmetically restore it to its working appearance and stabilize it for future generations.

Early Project Work:
Work. Piston work.
Tedious removal work is underway of major parts, with replacement parts being crafted as needed, and repair and reassembly moves forward. The amount of work required is massive, and additional funds will be needed for completion.

Returning to restoration shop.With decades of old paint having been safely removed, No. 460 was returned to the restoration shop to receive two coats of rust reformer. This material converts existing rust into an inert coating that seals out moisture to prevent future corrosion.

Rust inhibitor being applied.Rust converter, seen being applied, provides long-term protection to iron and steel surfaces when used with a single application of oil-based paint and protects against rain, exposure and salt spray without peeling or cracking.

Previously: No. 460 was placed in the Paint Barn for removal of old paint, rust and other materials, in preparation for stabilization, reassembly, and stabilization. See part of the prep work:

Moving In: As seen below, No. 460 was initially moved from its outdoor display location into the restoration shop:


First Impression: Initial evaluation found quite a bit of deterioration, some dating back to how the engine was set aside in the 1950s and then stored, allowing unseen problems to develop.
A Few weeks later: Headlight, Marker lights, Generator, Stack, Bell, Cab Signal Electric's Box, Air Reservoirs were removed.

Breaking a long bond: The locomotive and tender were separated for the first time in fifty years:

Read about the paint removal progress in this September 2010 update!

See progress as of September 2013 here.

See work as of November 2010 here.

See results of paint removal in the September 2010 update here.

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