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and history continues!

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, a world class museum of railroad history in Strasburg, PA.

Railroad History Timeline


1986 Rail management makes an agreement with labor to redefine pay scale for freight crews
1987 Conrail common stock sold to the general public.
1991 January, After 162 years as an independent carrier, the Delaware & Hudson Railway is absorbed into the Canadian Pacific's CP Rail system.
1995 Rail mileage declines to 170,000 miles with 209,000 employees-freight service generates 1,305 billion ton-miles, an all-time industry high.
1996 January 2, The Interstate Commerce Commission is replaced by the 3-member Surface Transportation Board within the Department of Transportation.
1998 Conrail property and assets are divided between Norfolk Southern Corporation and CSX Corp. Actual division of operations occurs the following year.
2000 Amtrak starts high speed Acela service, while its long-term financial health is being debated.

And space is provided for the continuing fascinating history of railroads in the United States. The work of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania continues!   

Click on "and history continues!" on the timeline below to see some trends that will affect future entries.


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1791-1841  1842-1881  1882-1927  1928-1980  and history continues!


















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